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Mindful Eating E-book

Connect with Your Body Through Awareness

This Book is NOT ONLY about What we Eat but about How to Create a Healthy Lifestyle from a Holistic Perspective. 

Taking care of our mental & emotional well-being as well as our physical well-being.

Here You will find Self-help practices that you can start applying from today.  They are simple and attainable and make a huge difference when you are consistent enough.

Wishing you the Best of Luck implementing these practices and making positive changes in your eating, thinking & exercising habits!!

Feel free to send a feedback message through the contact page.


It is very welcome!

I am happy to share that I am currently working on the 3rd edition of the book!!

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“Mindful Eating is not a book about dieting. Yet is it very much about diet.

What we choose to eat, how we eat it, and why those choices play such a big part in how we look, how we feel, how we think of or see ourselves. Everything is connected.


In Mindful Eating, Evy Parkinson pulls together aspects of her many years of training in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique and her personal practice of mindfulness and Tai Chi to create an understandable approach to healthy thinking and eating that we can all relate to. Even if most of the time, healthy eating is a subject we prefer to ignore.


There is no judgment in Mindful Eating. It spells out an attitude to lifestyle that will identify simple changes we can all make in our choices that impact health, self-image, and point a practical, step by step, way forward to achieving the quality of life we all hunger for.


Give the Mindful Eating programme a try and set your best self free!”

Dawn Glaisher

Instructor at The Tai Chi Institute of Trinidad and Tobago


“Your work is a source of inspiration for me and the many others that you help. This book is a work of art! It was really fantastic”


George Bovell -Professional Swimmer & Olympic Medalist.

Trinidad & Tobago

"As a person whom had struggled with medical issues related to her diet, I can say that I can definitely relate to what Evy Y. Parkinson wrote in her book.

The questions are great guiding tools when you feel lost. It makes you turn inwards for guidance. Especially in this culture today when we are taught by the media, teachers, bosses to always expect to be given the answers.


Evy reminds us that the questions are really what matter, in a sense that asking the right questions will help build trust and confidence that you can do it, that only you can discover what truly works for you.


Thank you for this great work”

Andreea Carmen Peptu – Vegan, Holistic Chef & Reiki Master.

Doha, Qatar


“I loved your book for its simple message, easy process, and plain language. The message was clear, succinct and educational.

You have done a great job of writing and putting your advanced well-being message out there”


Rocky Krogfoss - Emotional Healing Therapist,

New Beginnings Therapy.


The 3rd Edition of the E-book will be released on February 2024.

Improved, more details, and more information.!!

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