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sáb, 22 jun


Zoom Live

Your Body's Hidden Power

FREE EVENT FOR WOMEN - Live Zoom- Main Topics: Sensuality, Intuition, Collective wounds of women, Shame, Self-love / Self-worth /Self-respect....

Your Body's Hidden Power
Your Body's Hidden Power

Horario y ubicación

22 jun 2024, 10:00 – 11:30

Zoom Live


Acerca del evento

This workshop is the first one of a 2 Part Series I will be offering for the rest of 2024.

This 1st event is free.

The 2nd event will have a reasonable fee - in July.

This First meeting will serve as an introduction to that hidden part and how we can start unlocking it in a healthy way.

There is wisdom and power in our female body.  Which we have been disconnected from.

This  event, open conversation and workshop is to learn how to  recover that hidden power.  First of all understanding why and how is it  hidden?

Discovering the main blocks and learning the main things you can start doing from now to begin the process.

The  process of reconnecting with that hidden power will help you to release  shame, guilt, feelings of unworthiness, lack of self esteem/self-value.

Some of the specific topics of the 1st workshop are:

- Women's collective wounds, and how is this related to that hidden power.

- Shame & Guilt

- Insecurities.  How to start releasing them and build real security.

- Self-help & self-care practices to start unlocking that hidden power in a healthy way.

This  workshop will tie up with the following to go deeper into the  connection and understanding of that hidden power and how to start  releasing the blocks and the layers that have been covering it.

Some of the 2nd workshop specific topics are:

- Sensuality & Intuition

- Your Voice

- Authenticity & Embodiment

- Finding Balance between Masculine & Feminine Energies to exercise your power in a Healthy and Intelligent  way

- How to build Real Self-love/ Self-value / Self-worth.

​We will also do a simple practice to re-connect and listen to our body's wisdom, which is where your power is.

When  you are not exercising your natural power in a healthy way, or when you  are disconnected from it.  You will feel out of place very often.  You  will feel off center.  You will feel insecure in many different scenarios  or circumstances, and you will feel very uncomfortable in your body.

You will feel ashamed of speaking your truth and being your real self.

What you will get in these 2 workshops is the key to start releasing the blocks that are keeping you from exercising  that power in a healthy way and it will give you the guidance for you  to reconnect with that power, feel secure inside, find your center and  your place in this world.

We will also do a simple practice to re-connect and listen to our body's wisdom.

SHARE with any woman that you feel would be interested.  We are stronger together... When & If we work WITH each other, not against each other...


You will be registered once you "buy the ticket" it is free, but that is the way this event is set, even if it is online. 

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  • Your Body's Hidden Power

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