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Welcome to our community of healing and self-discovery!

At our center, we offer a range of services Online or in person to help you live a more conscious, happier, and healthier life.

Whether you're looking for healing retreats, holistic health therapy, or other resources to support your journey, we're here to help.


Our community is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming space for individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. We believe that true healing comes from a deep and intentional exploration of the self, and we're committed to providing the support and guidance you need to make that journey. 


Our members share a common goal of personal growth and development and work together to create positive change in the world.


Come join us and discover the transformative power of healing and self-knowledge!

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Hypnotherapy is a form of alternative Therapy that uses hypnosis to create a state of intense relaxation and increased focus. This state allows individuals to access their subconscious mind, where they can work on specific issues or symptoms that may be affecting their daily lives.

The benefits of hypnotherapy are numerous and include reducing stress and anxiety, managing pain, improving sleep, and even quitting negative habits such as smoking or overeating.  
By targeting the root cause of these issues, hypnotherapy can help you to create positive changes in your life and achieve your goals in your professional life, in your mental, emotional and physical health, and personal relationships.

If you're interested in trying hypnotherapy for the first time, or if you're looking to deepen your healing journey, this package is a great place to start.
With the guidance of an experienced  hypnotherapist, you can gradually and progressively unlock your full potential and become your most authentic self.
So why not give it a try and see what hypnotherapy can do for you?

Who would benefit from this package?

This package is perfect for individuals who are new to hypnotherapy and would like to experience its powerful benefits to resolve a specific issue or symptom they may be facing.

It is also an ideal option for those who have previously undergone healing work and are looking to delve deeper or grow as a person, both personally and spiritually.


Read more details

and Book your Complimentary Call Consultation to discuss what you need help with

Healing and Self discovery
Adéntrate en el fuego del autodescubrimiento.
Este fuego no te quemará, solo quemará lo que no eres - Mooji -
Evy Y. Parkinson, Founder and Teacher at harmoniousinfinity

Evy Y. Parkinson

Máster en Hipnoterapia Clínica, Licenciado en Psicología, Practicante de EFT, practicante de Tai Chi y Qigong, practicante de Mindfulness, Asistente Certificado en Shiatsu.

Bienvenido a este espacio que ha sido creado para que encuentres el cambio y la curación que has estado buscando.

Mi propósito aquí es ayudar a la mayor cantidad de personas posible a sanar y poder vivir una vida más saludable y feliz de la manera más natural posible. También soy un activista cuando se trata de crear conciencia sobre la forma en que tratamos a nuestro planeta y a los demás.

- La Tierra es nuestro HOGAR. Hogar de TODOS los seres vivos -

Mi primer libro es Mindful Eating - Connect to your Body Through Awareness. Disponible para su compra en este sitio.

La filosofía de Harmoniousinfinity es encontrar y mantener un equilibrio armonioso entre los aspectos físicos y no físicos de nuestra vida. Como nuestros lados mental, emocional y físico están conectados, se afectan entre sí.

Do you have questions for Evy and her services?

Are you looking for the "right fit" to support yourself in your Healing / Growth / Personal development journey?

Awakening and Consciousness

Quien mira fuera de los sueños. Quien mira adentro, DESPIERTA - Carl Jung

Simone DaCosta.jpg

"I went into my sessions with Evy without much expectation.

I was open to whatever she had to provide based on her impressive variety of experience and training.


What I found was an experience of depth from the very first session.

I gained clarity and information from the first session around topics in my life that I didn't even expect to explore. I am more aware of some of the deeper roots to some of my patterns and the active changes I can make in day to day life.

I highly recommend Evy's sessions." ​

Simone DaCosta

Trinidad, W.I

Melissa Pascal.jpeg

"I connected to Evy when I was seeking a soul who simply knew . She is very experienced and is walking and living the journey of self discovery and is extremely aware of the process of becoming and connecting with source . 

She is honest , direct and caring and guides you through this tough, complicated and complex process . She is an excellent support to ensure you don’t journey alone , because it can seem so lonely and taxing .


She is there for you all the way . 

Melissa Pascal

Trinidad and Tobago Nature Therapy

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